Cracked Minecraft Launcher

  1. Download the launcher
  2. Start the launcher
  3. Login with any username you want. Password doesn't matter.

Having trouble?

  • Q: Nothing happens when I start the launcher
  • A: Sometimes windows doesn't correctly bind JAR files to be executed by Java. Try using Jarfix to re-associate the filetype.
  • Q: I can't login to my friend's server/I get Connection Timeout errors.
  • A: This is usually either a firewall or NAT problem. Whoever is running the server needs to ensure that they have TCP port 25565 (or whatever port they are using) open to the internet. Guide.
  • Q: I keep getting "Failed to verify username" when connecting to multiplayer servers.
  • A: You can only use servers that use custom authentication plugins or are in offline mode. Official servers will not let you connect.
  • Q: When I connect to a server I see "/register <password> <password>" or a message telling me to login.
  • A: Pick a password to use on that server, and type /register yourpassword yourpasswordagain.